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The city of Hurghada, Is located in the North African country of Egypt. Hurghada is a town along the coastline of the red sea in Egypt. All year round is like summer. Here, you get to experience lush resorts which have a line-up of fancy hotels for your comfort. There are also tons of activities to keep you busy and fun-filled while holidaying here. The holiday adventures aren’t limited to individuals only but are open for couples and families too.

You might also be interested in taking tours around the city rather than just lounging in the sun.  There are enough restaurants around that serve both foreign and local cuisines and you’ll also get to enjoy the available restaurants and bars to experience the joys of local entertainment.

from hurghada : Day tour to Luxor super

enjoy special Day tour to Luxor from Hurghada ,feeling the history of Ancient Egypt,visit Madinat Habu Temple, Valley of Nobels tombs , Luxo


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