Nile River Cruise

Experience a unique way to see Egypt. A cruise on the Nile lets you see the historical monuments, wildlife, and natural features that are different from anything you've seen before. Travelers have been taking Nile River cruises for well over a century, and with good reason. They're a fantastic way to see this ancient country. Be a part of this tradition by taking one yourself today.

There's nothing quite like a Nile River cruise!

Imagine spending your days relaxing on the deck of a boat while it slowly makes its way along a slow river in a beautiful land. A cruise on the Nile is the ultimate adventure and should be on your bucket list if it isn't already. It's a wonderful way to see and experience the country of Eygpt. Travelers have been taking cruises on the Nile for well over a century and with good reason. Be a part of this tradition by taking one yourself. On a Nile River cruise, you'll have the opportunity to see wildlife and natural features that are different from any you've seen before. You'll pass villages where you'll see local people going about their day. And, best of all, you'll see incredible historical monuments that are like nothing else in the world.

This will be a trip to remember. 

Read on to learn what to expect from a Nile River cruise. After reading this informative post, you'll realize and understand why taking a cruise in Egypt is something you simply must do.


The exponential growth of nile cruise tourism in Upper Egypt offers a unique opportunity to preserve the environment and cultural heritage of the region, while generating significant economic growth. This regional study presents policy recommendations to support a responsible and sustainable growth of nile cruise tourism.


1. See the Pyramids and Other Sights

There are so many historical sites to see in Egpyt; they are the primary reason tourists flock to this country. The ancient Egyptian civilization is amazing, and many incredible monuments remain.

On a Nile River cruise, you will not only get the opportunity to visit some of these sites, but you will also be able to view them from the river. This is a breathtaking bonus because the areas immediately around the monuments and structures are often quite hectic. Viewing from a distance will give you a new perspective that others may not get. 

Further, many of these structures are lit at night. Viewing them in this way from the river is an exceptional experience.


2. Step Back in Time

People have been traveling on the Nile River for thousands of years. Once you step foot on a boat for your Nile River cruise, you are joining millions of others throughout history who have done the same thing. This connection to other humans from around the world and, in many cases, from entirely different centuries makes cruising on the Nile a fascinating and emotional experience.


3. Learn New Things

You'll learn so many new things during your Nile River cruise.

As you pass by big cities and small towns along the river, you'll learn a great deal about the ways Egyptian people live today simply by observing. You'll also learn about the natural environment of Egypt and the animals that live there. Both onboard and during your shore tours, you'll also learn so much about the history of this country and the people of Egypt over time.

You'll return home with great knowledge that you did not have before.


4. Relax in Luxury

There's nothing more relaxing than a cruise along a river. River tours are calm, and the weather is steady. You can sit out on the deck at all hours and watch the world go by in comfort. Have a drink, read a book, and enjoy pleasant conversations with your companions. On a cruise, the staff will take care of your needs. All you need to do is relax and enjoy yourself.


5. Meet New People

You'll also meet new people on your cruise. Not only will you have the opportunity to meet the friendly, local staff and ask them questions about their home country, but you'll also meet other passengers from around the world. You can learn about their homes and tell them about yours. You may even forge some lifelong friendships along the way.


6. Only Unpack Once

One reason people love cruises is the fact that you can enjoy a multi-day trip with many destinations, but you only have to unpack your bags once. Your belongings will be safe in your stateroom while you go out and explore the stops, or while you enjoy the many amenities on board that your cruise ship has to offer you.

Cruises are easy, and that's what makes them so fun. Further, a river cruise is even easier than an ocean cruise; on the river, the ships are much smaller, making them much easier to get around. The staff will know you by name, and all of your needs will be met during your cruise trip.


7. Enjoy Expert Guides

When you travel without a tour group, you miss out on so much. Sure, you will view many beautiful sites, but without an expert guide, you may not learn everything you can about the things you see.

On a Nile River cruise, you will have access to expert guides every step of the way. These people are dedicated to learning everything they possibly can about the sights their groups pass through, and therefore your expert guide will be more than happy to answer any question you have for them at length. 

Furthermore, when you take a small cruise, your guides will get to know you, too. They will point out specific things that interest you as the tour goes on. This type of personal guidance is a special bonus of Nile River cruises.


Book Your Nile River Cruise Today

As you can see, there are many benefits of taking a Nile River cruise. A trip on a boat down this very famous river will change your life, and you will keep it with you as long as you live. You'll make countless memories and take photos that you'll return to again and again. 

There's nothing quite like a Nile River cruise. Don't delay! Book one today, and start getting excited about your trip!

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