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Are you intrigued by the mystery of mummies? Have you imagined yourself in a scene from an Indiana Jones film? Here’s your chance, Getaways Egypt will take you through the glorious sights of Egypt. Go digging into this country’s enigmatic architecture and antiquities. Gaze upon the World's seven wonders and Visit the Pyramids at Giza. A cruise Down the Nile, still one of the best ways to see Egypt including the archaeological treasures around Luxor and Aswan. But there is more to see on a vacation to Egypt than the ancient sites. Sandy beaches, Coral reef in the crystal sea or take a walking tour at Khan Khalili bazaar. We will take you to all points in Egypt and Beyond. Getaways Egypt is here for you. We invite you to Explore the mysteries and wonders of Egypt. Getaways Egypt, make sure you enjoy your visit and make it life-long memories!

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Getaways Egypt as the one stop provider for all your travel needs and requirements in Egypt. We label ourselves as leading, innovative, and highly efficient and look forward to demonstrate these qualities at the earliest possible chance. Since established in 2015, the primary aim was to provide luxury travel services to leisure travellers in Egypt. The agency continued to grow and branch out its interests to rise as one of the exponents in the travel industry. Getaways Egypt Travel tailor-made tours and excursions which are available to all holidaymakers in Egypt.

We’re on a journey to transform ordinary trips into extraordinary ones. We are your guide, bringing you personal experiences. Wherever your travels take you, we’ll show you the unique and unmissable things to do in your destination.

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Discover unique experiences in the places everyone wants to visit.

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Discover unique experiences in the places everyone wants to visit.

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From Hurghada :Full-Day Tour To Luxor Queens

Full-Day Tour To Luxor Queens From Hurghada, Visit the famous sites in Luxor, Valley of the Queens,Karnak, Hatshepsut temple.

From Hurghada :Trip to Mini Egypt Park

Trip to Mini Egypt Park in Hurghada,totally different experience compared to a traditional musem

From Hurghada :Trip to Orange Bay Island

Take an advantage of the marvelous weather of Hurghada, spend all day in the Red Sea with a trip to Orange bay Island

Trip to Paradise Island from Hurghada

Enjoy a fantastic full day snorkeling trip from Hurghada to Paradise Island and enjoy the tranquility away from the tourist hustle and bustle. Relax on the beach in the sunshine or discover the unique variety of fish found along the coast.

Parasailing Trip in Hurghada

Enjoy an exceptional vacation in Hurghada with parasailing, where a parachute is attached speedboat, one or two persons may ride in the same time, with an attractive view of this stunning location.

Sindbad Submarine trip from Hurghada

Enjoy an entertaining and highly educational experience on the Sinbad Submarine as you descend below the surface of the Red Sea. Marvel at the coral wonderland and the amazing variety of colorful fish as you head to depths of up to 20 meters.


Experience the fascinating underwater world in Hurghada on this 6-hour diving trip. Explore shallow dive sites suitable for beginners as well as deeper areas and walls for more advanced divers. Enjoy lunch served onboard the boat during the trip.

Fishing Trip in Red sea

Fishing in all colors Enjoy the view of the islands surrounding Hurghada Fishing in the best places where the fish The coral reefs in the Red Sea Enjoy swimming in different places in the Red Sea and sunbathe

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